Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Brad Pitt is at his absolute finest… in Snatch. He seriously should have received an honorary degree for that Pikey. He’s also pretty darn good in Moneyball.

Maybe I’m easily taken by movie magic. Maybe I’m a little bit gay (but are you really gay if you can recite from memory every little detail in Brad Pitt’s face?), but the young Bratt Pitt’s lips are, remarkably, present day Brad Pitt’s lips to a T. Maybe it was excellent casting, maybe it was the fact that Jonah Hill’s face makes everyone look like Brad Pitt by comparison, but that was either time travel or there’s a doppelganger on the loose.

Moneyball did for me what no amount of game dogs and hot wings can do. It made me love baseball. Not enough to start a fantasy team, or even enough to even watch a game, actually, but there is something romantic about one man at the plate against one man on the mound and everything on the line. There’s also something very romantic about Brad Pitt’s lips. Have I mentioned that?

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